Making work centered around the development of garments, I investigate the possibility for wearables to be either, or both, sculptural and performative. Most of these garments are made to be worn in videoed or live performances, which focus on abstract, aestheticized characters and narratives. These portrayals are born from research of disparate topics such as mythology/folklore, sci-fi, pop culture, and specific sociological or environmental concerns. Often they examine different relationships; be it person-to-person or person-to-space/idea. These works are frequently supplemented by pieces of text, either in their physical presentation or just in concept. This can come in the form of essays, manifestos, or poetry, which offer a secondary point of entry and lend further weight to the work.

            With pieces that are not implemented in performances, which may include other garments or ceramic, cement, and textile-based sculptures, the main concern is the materiality of the objects. I try to find a balance between simplicity in structure and detail in treatment. Moments of embedding or stitching are contrasted against concrete casts and stark environments. These sculptures, even when there is no wearable or functional aspect to them, still use the language of fashion and design; be it in the material application or composition. This illustrates the dualism often present in my work - most every sculpture is a garment, and each garment is certainly a sculpture. In that, they are inherently performative.