Sweet, sweet baby. Oh my sweet girl. I’ll hold you honey, I’ll help you fly.

black pond water
and pale bodies
she says humidity
feels like a warm hug
its just dense air
and crickets
its all dark and chorus

don’t ask questions you don’t want the answers to people! it’s just that simple!          

architects will question

the structural integrity

of my mental state

but i will be fine

nay! i will persevere!

the columns i’ve built up

around my mind

are thick and sturdy

soft to the touch

but they will keep me up!

Afterwards, let’s go dancing!


im not sure why
or when
my commitment falters




theres no reason to fret                                                                                                                                                        



In that moment, her face softened
for the first time
her muscles relaxed
her brow unfurrowed
the fear in her eyes subsided
and then I realized
just how undeniably
beautiful she was
how she had always been


don’t you find me infinite?                                                        


don’t just stand there!        
say something!

how do you know if I’m standing         


im not really here remember?         
we’re not in the same place         

we’re not the same at all         


you should have said something regardless 


off limits                                                                                                         

My lady

Glowing in the lamp light

Night looks good on you

You wear it well



my body is a cash crop

                              this is a terrible reality i dreamed up for myself                                                                                                                              




and i sit here                                                                                                                                  
like some benign tumor                                                                                                      
acknowledged but unimportant                                                                                               




you are dust and i am the wind